Wins Damages

Jimmie Louise Kenney, a minor, who was struck and injured by the automobile of Frank E. Wicker, 3046 Bracken Road, January 24, 1922, while crossing the street at Ninth and Elm streets, was awarded $3,000 damages for her injuries by a jury in Judge Robert A. LeBlond’s Common Pleas Court yesterday in a suit filed against Wicker by her mother, Mrs. Ethel Kenney, 118 W. Sixth Street. Miss Kenney is a niece of our townsman, Mr. J.E. Kenney.


Mr. Henry Gayle Daniel, son of former townsman, Mr. H. Daniel, and Miss Helen Swetnam, daughter of Mrs. B. Swetnam, were married at the home of the bride’s mother on S. Adams Street last Saturday at high noon.

The bride was becomingly attired in a Poirot twill coat suit with a beautiful fabric hat and gloves to match. The groom wore the traditional black.

The bride is one of Owenton’s loveliest girls, beautiful, accomplished, and attractive. The groom is a most excellent young man and holds a position with the Burford Bros. Tobacco Buyers in Louisville.

Elk Ridge

Mr. Ben Smith and sister, Mrs. Birdie Dawson, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson.

Mr. Frank Nash is still confined to his bed but we hope for a speedy recovery.

Mr. James Acree and Mrs. James Brissey were pleasant callers at Owenton Monday.

Sweet Owen

Mr. Simon Ransdell is visiting his brother, Lindsay Ransdell, this week.

Mr. Wilford Holbrook spent Sunday with his father at Lusby.

Little Gypsy Eileen Roland visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thornton the first of the week.

New Columbus

Mrs. Jim Henage, Mrs. Dora Switzer and Mrs. Rena Switzer called on Mrs. Emma Jones and Lillie Wynn Tuesday.

Rev. Haile was in Fairbanks Wednesday on business.

Herndon Ratcliff and Jones and Wynn have purchased new cars.

J.W. Jones and O.R. Lynn made a business trip to Cincinnati last week.

New Liberty

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Hunt visited his mother Friday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Overton Ball, April 12, a ten-pound boy, William Overton Jr. He is the fourth generation, his great grandparents being Mr. and Mrs. Overton C. Rigg, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Madison T. Ball.


Life Sentence

Park Perkins, 39, was convicted of willful murder in connection with the death of his wife from a .22 caliber rifle bullet at the home of the Perkins family on Bald Knob Road last November 10. Both he and his late wife born Owen countians and had moved to Franklin County a short time before the tragedy occurred. Under Kentucky law, Perkins will be eligible for parole in eight years and four months.

Perkins, who had pleaded that the death was accidental, listened to the verdict at 2:15 o’clock Thursday afternoon in the crowded courtroom and then slumped in his chair for a moment, but a few minutes later after a conference with his attorney, Clyde Vincent of Covington, asked that he be removed to the penitentiary today to start serving the sentence.

Cedar Hill

Sunday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Riddle and children with Mr. and Mrs. Allie Coleman.

Junior Dunavent was a Sunday visitor with Mr. and Mrs. Preston Dunavent.

This community is glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Cobb who have moved to the home recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Leake.


Mr. and Mrs. John Wilford Howard entertained her parents from Cincinnati over the weekend.

Mrs. H.E. Colson spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Luther Mason.

Long Ridge

Miss Ellen Webster of Tiffin, Ohio, is spending her vacation here with Mrs. Grover Stonestreet.

E.D. Scott had the misfortune of sticking a manure fork through his foot one day last week.

Mrs. Corrinne Doane and Miss Florence Baldwin attended services here Sunday and were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Brewer.


Mrs. Allie Green, who has been sick for several months, was able to visit Mr. and Mrs. John Tippett of Covington.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hayes and children spent the week-end with friends and relatives in Wolf County.


Mrs. Eddie McCardwell of Crestwood, was a guest last Thursday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Adams.

Mrs. Ethel Baker was in Cincinnati last week to visit her son, Frank, and wife.

Mrs. H.C. Oney and two children, Jimmy and Betty Sue, and Tommy Furnish were week-end guests of Mrs. Oney’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Hance, of Madison.

About the Sick

Swope: Mrs. Erman Kingkade was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, Lexington, Friday where she underwent a major operation. She is getting along nicely.

Sweet Owen: Henry Garnett is able to be up again after 14 weeks of illness.

Hesler: Mrs. Frank Rose is suffering from an infected ankle, the result of an injury of six weeks ago when Mr. Rose backed over a bank at the Richland church and Mrs. Rose sustained injuries.

Pleasant Home: Mrs. A.B. Gaines was taken to the Frankfort hospital Monday afternoon for treatment.


Principal Resigns

Superintendent O.V. Jones reported last week that Owen County High School Principal Edward G. Carroll had recently submitted his resignation to the Owen Board of Education. Carroll’s resignation states simply that he would leave the post effective June 30, the usual school employee term expiration date.

63rd Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bourne, Pleasant Home, will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary Monday. Married May 7, 1910, they have lived the entire time in the Pleasant Home community.

52nd Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hall, Monterey, quietly celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary Friday. They were married April 27, 1921 in Frankfort.

51st Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Foster E. Smith Sr., Monterey, celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary Sunday. They were married April 29, 1922, by Rev. Chesterfield Turner in Frankfort.


A son, Timothy Dale, was born April 20 to Buddy and Charlotte Gibson, Old Monterey Rd.

A daughter, Amy Lynn, was born to Dennis and Karen Lafferty, Old Sparta Rd.


Mr. and Mrs. Teenie Lynn spent the weekend with their son, Jim, in Tennessee.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crowder, Long Ridge, and Mrs. Bessie Lusby attended the piano recital of Miss Vicki Ray Crowder in Williamstown Sunday. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Crowder.


Wall of Fame

Three former graduates of the Owen County School system have been honored by the local Academic Foundation. The Owen County Academic Foundation chose the three for the Wall of Fame at the Bowling Middle School.

Selected this year were Gilbert England, Mary Callaghan and Dr. George G. Greene. Photos of the three will be added to those currently on display at the middle school.

Mary “Miss Mary” Callaghan taught at Pleasant Home School where she stayed for 40 years. She had also taught three or four years in Henry Country at Pleasureville School.

Dr. Greene took time our while pursuing his medical career to teach briefly at Hawkins’ School in Bethany. He was the first to be staff president of Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington and was on the courtesy staffs at St. Joseph’s and Good Samaritan hospitals in Lexington. He delivered thousands of babies over the years.

Gilbert England has designed and built six golf courses in Kentucky and Ohio; has served as director of the Kentucky Pro Golf Association; has served as president of the Wheatley Community; was a moderator of the Dallasburg Baptist; was a 1997 president of Project Graduation; and is active in the American Cancer Society. He is currently the golf pro and manager of the Fairway Golf Course in Wheatley.

Mussel Shoals News

Lola Abbott spent a couple of days with her sister, Ruth Cook. Mary Susan Tomlin, Ruth and Lola went to see their Birdie Abbott, who is in the rest home at Warsaw.

Mona Wash Brown is doing well. She is back home.

Monterey News

Becky Albaugh went to Texas during spring break to visit her brother, Jim. She boarded the lane in Louisville to fly to Cleveland, but because of an engine problem, the plane had to make an emergency landing in Cincinnati and be rerouted to Houston. There were a few anxious minutes for all the passengers.

Charlie and Phyllis Eldridge had their granddaughter, Cassidy, here for the weekend. Allison Wilhite came from Lexington on Saturday to entertain Cassidy.


City Sidewalks

Rain may have slowed the city’s sidewalk repairs down, but Owenton Mayor Doug West said the work is expected to be finished this week.

Approximately 100 yards of repairs to city sidewalks were completed in 2012, including the area around the Owen County Courthouse. The Owenton City Council approved for another round of concrete work to be completed this spring.

West said he is hopeful the concrete work will wrap up this week and expects more to be done during the fall months.

Future Star

David Gray, son of Eric and Jenna Gray of Wheatley, was recently selected for the 2013 seventh grade offensive line of the Kentucky Future Stars team. He will report to Lindsay Wilson College in June for a week of training and practice. The Kentucky vs. Tennessee game will be held in Knoxville, Tenn. On June 15. David Gray is the first seventh-grader from Owen County to be selected for this team following in the footsteps of Michael Wash, who was selected and played on the eighth-grade Kentucky Future Stars team in 2011.

Farmer’s Market to Open

After a five-month break, the Owen County Farmer’s Market will be back in business Friday with the judge-executive office hosting its annual cookout in support of the Relay for Life.

Local vendors are expected to gather once again from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Friday behind the Kentucky Farm Bureau office, located at 430 Roland Ave. Owen County Farmers’ Market President Jim Bush said there will be 15 vendors taking part in this year’s market.

Reversal of Fortune

The Owen County High School baseball team is on the wrong kind of roll. From April 8 through April 23, the rebels didn’t lose a game and won nine straight contests. Since then, they have dropped eight in a row.

Greenhouse Open

The Owen County High School greenhouse will be open 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The Owen County Board of Elections will meet at 10 a.m. May 20, in the Owen County Clerk’s office.

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