When first hearing the term “frisky” used at a school, it brings to mind an impish, busy student. But, here in Kentucky, it isn’t “frisky” it is “FRYSC.”

Each school has a Family Resource and Youth Services Center (FRYSC) and an involved director who follows the mission of the state FRSYSC: “To enhance students’ ability to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote: early learning and successful transition to school; academic achievement and well-being; and graduation and transition into adult life.” Each school also has a FRYSC board to help guide the activities.

On May 9, the Crittenden Mt. Zion Elementary (CMZ) FRYSC Board joined with the city of Crittenden to recognize outstanding students nominated by homeroom teachers at the school.

Mayor Jim Purcell welcomed everyone, saying we need “educated citizens as we move forward” to the future. He then turned it over to Michelle Bohman, member of the Crittenden City Council and the CMZ FRYSC Board. Bohman welcomed attendees to the second annual recognition event at the City Building.

She congratulated the students on their recognition and said, “It is important for you to see as a city we are here for you, and we want to recognize our smallest citizens. If you guys have any needs, we are here for you.”

David Borton, CMZ FRYSC coordinator explained the reason for the awards, calling it a way to recognize outstanding behavior “in a different way than just at a school function.” Students were chosen for “outstanding behavior, outstanding work just in the classroom either academically or just being a great friend to their classmates.”

As he announced each recipient, he also included a brief explanation of why they were nominated for the award, including such descriptors as “team player,” “helps their fellow students,” “tries absolute best each day, eager to learn,” “made progress,” “will be successful,” “kind,” “considerate,” a “role model,” “addicted to learning,” “goes above and beyond,” always looks on the bright side.”

Recipients by class included:

Kindergarten: Harper Yazell, Everleigh Lucas, Brantley Proffitt

1st Grade: Steven Spahn, Regina Lopez, Johanna Collins, Lincoln Mocahbee

2nd Grade: Arionna Johnson, Brooklyn Young, Kassidey Dunn, Adalynn Rarrieck

3rd Grade: Ninja Napier, Blake Abner, Owen Dixon

4th Grade: David Cecil, Audriana Campbell, Solomon Cromer

5th Grade: Ava Alexander, Bryceton Johnson, Trinity Gibson, Brian Larison

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