The Grant County baseball team honored their seniors on Saturday, May 6th.

After raising funds for the McHolland family during the Spencer County game, the Braves faced off against the Gallatin County Wildcats. Issac Sanders represented the Class of 2023, throwing the first pitch of the game. The Braves won 12-3.

Starting the game with Sanders pitching, Grant soon gained an out with a ground out at first. After a walk, Joe Arnold took over pitching, and the Braves defense shut down the Wildcats. Fielding a line drive up centerfield, Ethan Davis found Connor Saylor at second who then threw to Braiden Beach for a double out.

Kicking off the Braves offense was Saylor, who singled to left field. Next at bat for Grant was Luke Durnell, who was walked in four pitches.

Meanwhile, Connor was able to steal second, third, and eventually home due to a passed ball. After a single by Xavier Camacho, Grant got a second run after a sacrifice bunt from Joe Arnold brought Durnell home.

Just before the end of the inning, the Braves managed to push their lead further ahead; Colten Alexander doubled, allowing courtesy runner Blake Melton to score the third run.

As the Wildcats returned to bat, the Braves took to the field to start the second inning.

Following an initial walk, catches from both Ethan Davis and Durnell earned two outs. Gallatin then began to threaten Grant’s lead with two additional walks loading the bases. Despite this, the Braves held off the Wildcat’s momentum as Arnold struck out the next batter.

James Ely gained the only base for the Braves in the bottom of the inning.

During the third inning, the Braves made quick work of Gallatin, gaining three quick outs with two force outs and a strikeout.

Breaking down the Wildcats defense in the bottom of the third, several runners managed to score for the Braves, pushing their lead up to six.

Singles from Braiden Beach and Camacho in combination with a sacrifice bunt from Arnold and a passed ball allowed Grant to score runs. Wooten stole home on the passed ball; Melton and Alexander were both batted in. Eventually, Gallatin was able to stop Grant’s offensive with a pop-up.

Throughout the fourth and fifth inning, Grant once again pushed their lead before meeting resistance from the Wildcats. With a double from Camacho bringing home Saylor and Durnell, the Braves sat ahead at 8-0.

In the fifth inning the Wildcats finally began to counter Grant, scoring three runs. Grant regained momentum, however, and proceeded to cover more ground as they ended the game ahead 12-3. Scoring one run in the fifth and two in the sixth inning, Grant closed their senior night with a victory.

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