From left, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear are shown.

Grant County totaled a 13.3% eligible voter turnout for the Kentucky primary elections on Tuesday, May 16, according to the Kentucky government election night reporting website. This closely mirrored the statewide eligible voter turnout of 14.4%.

Election night results will remain unofficial until certified by the county and state board of elections.

In a landslide victory, incumbent nominee Andy Beshear received 84% of the reported Democratic primary votes in Grant County and garnered 91% of the reported statewide votes to win the democratic primary nomination.

In his victory speech, Beshear acknowledged Kentucky’s resilience throughout the past few years and urged voters to stay committed to a better future.

“Tonight, Kentucky voters took the first step to secure four more years,” Beshear said. “Right now, in every corner of our commonwealth, what I see is hope and optimism, a belief in a brighter future and the commitment to get the job done.”

Beshear will face Republican nominee Daniel Cameron, Kentucky’s current attorney general, in the upcoming general election.

Cameron won the statewide Republican primary with 48% of the statewide votes and 44% of reported Grant County votes. During his victory speech, Cameron said he felt humbled by voter support and the outcome of the election.

“No barrier is too large when concerned and committed Kentuckians come together around a common purpose and vision, rooted in ideals that have propelled this nation forward since its very beginning,” he said.

He also held an endorsement from Donald Trump, a relationship Cameron partially credited with his success.

“A big thank you to President Donald J. Trump for his support, and his endorsement of this campaign,” Cameron said. “Let me just say, the Trump culture of winning is alive and well in Kentucky.”

Cameron’s closest competitor in the primaries turned out to be Ryan Quarles, who only gained 22% of the statewide votes. In his concession speech, Quarles said God’s path is in control of the election result. He pledged his support to Cameron in the upcoming Nov. 7 general election.

Registered Grant County Democrats also voted for the Democratic commissioner of agriculture nominee, with 53% of the votes going to Mikael Malone. Sierra J Enlow followed closely behind in the Grant County results, gaining 47% of reported votes.

Enlow prevailed to win the nomination with 59% of statewide votes.

She will face Republican nominee Jonathan Shell, who reigned in 64% of Grant County votes and 56% of statewide votes.

Registered Republican voters also nominated secretary of state, auditor of public accounts and state treasurer. Grant County voters’ decisions aligned with the statewide nominations for secretary of state and auditor of public accounts.

Michael Adams claimed the Republican nomination for secretary of state, with 64% of statewide votes. In Grant County, Adams held 49% of the total votes reported.

Allison Ball won the Republican nomination for auditor of public accounts, clocking in at 72% of statewide votes and 64% of Grant County votes.

Grant County voters differed from the statewide decision regarding who should be Kentucky’s next treasurer.

In Grant County, Andrew Cooperrider claimed the most votes, with 49% of registered voters casting their vote for him. However, in the statewide election, he fell short of the nomination, only bringing in 29% of the statewide votes.

Mark Metcalf won the Republican nomination for state treasurer, with 51% of the statewide vote. Metcalf only won 38% of the votes in Grant County.

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