Roy Keith Rogers and Carol V. Rogers to Richard Clay Arnold and Jacqualynne Renee Arnold, property on Connersville Pike. $330,000.

The Randall E. and Virginia H. Ashbrook Family Limited Partnership to the Harrison Memorial Hospital, property on Old Lair Road. $35,000.

Whereas in the civil case titled vs. Samuel Guzman Osorio, Master Commissioner John Lair was directed to sell property at 104 1st Street. The successful bidder was at a price of $140,280.

Allen Patrick Darnell and Kimberly Darnell to Michael Tod Sosbe and Angela Dawn Sosbe, property on Hickory Court. $24,000.

Fikeco, Inc. to EZ Properties MGMT, LLC, property 149 Tech Way Road. $1,000,000.

KLB Homes LLC to Steven Jared Slone, property at Oddville Avenue and North Walnut Street. $177,500.

CIS Big Dog LLC to Hernandez Piping, Inc., property at 8920 US 62. $350,000.

Blue Jay Assets, Inc. to Phoenix Assets LLC, property on 4th Street in Cynthiana. $139,400.

Jeffrey Perrin and Amanda Perrin to Mark Brown and Rhonda Brown, property in Berry. $90,000.

Brenda Tussey to Emmett Daniel Clifford, trustee, then to Mark Daniel Florence, son of Brenda Tussey, and Brenda Tussey, property on Two Lick Pike. $1.

A quitclaim deed from Stacy J. Thornsburg and Louie Fizette to Stacy J. Thornsburg, property on Oddville-Sunrise Road. $10.

James Chamber to Mark Gentry and Michael Gentry property in Boyd. $35,000.

Tyler D. Moore and Bethanie Moore to Tanner Redmond Wise, property on Connersville-Leesburg Pike. $280,000.

Roy “Skip” Lee Hobbie, Jr. and Janette Dianne Crawford Hobbie to Roy “Skip” Lee Hobbie, Jr. and Janette Dianne Crawford Hobbie, co-trustees of the Hobbie Family Revocable Trust Agreement, property at 2184 KY 19. $1.

The Randall E. and Virginia H. Ashbrook Family Limited Partnership to Raymond Sams and Mary Raymer Sams, property at 1051 Old Lair Road. $16,000.

John Paul Taylor and Elizabeth Ann Taylor to Neil P. Dennis and Arnilla Y. Dennis, property on Keith Lane, Berry. $36,000.

Joseph Brogli and Carrie Beth Brogli to Michael G. Brogli and Evelyn F. Brogli, property on Carl Stevens Road. $1.

Roberta Sue Baker to Jessica Noelle Faulkner and Scotty Lee Faulkner, property on US 62. $90,500.

Stephanie Lynn Cottrell, formerly known as Stephanie Lynn Deal, who acquired this property as a single person, is joined by her spouse, Earl Allen Cottrell, granters to Earl Allen Cottrell and Stephanie Lynn Cottrell, property at 3413 New Lair Road.

Brian E. Neely and Natasha Neely to Michael Cale and Jeannie Cale, property on Dutch Chapel Road. $350,000.

The David Powers and/or Evelyn F. Powers Revocable Living Trust to Tiffany O’Neal and Benjamin O’Neal, property on White Oak Pike. $15,000.

CMH Homes, Inc. to Steven Bradly Toungate, property on the south side of Oak Ridge Road. $207,717.

Randall S. Schneider and Klaetta L. Schneider to Pamela L. Meadors, Jenny M. Henson and Zachary S. Schneider, trustees of the Randall S. Schneider and Klaetta L. Schneider Irrevocable Trust, property on KY 1743. $1.

Marchelle Elizabeth Butcher to Rickie Dale Butcher, property on Nature Lane. $1.

The Estate of Sandra Darline Thompson, by and through Jennifer Elaine Hunt, Executrix, to Randall Schwarte and Jennifer Schwarte, property on Blackburn Road. $42,000.

Bryan J. Miller to Devin Tyler Blanton and Lauren Elizabeth Bentley, property on Hickory Court. $200,000

Cole Centner and Brittany Centner to Jeannine C. Walker, property on Hendricks Lane. $250,000.

Donovan R. Riggind and Lillian C. Riggins to James Moore and Tracey Moore, property on Hicks Pike. $685,000.

Evelyn Wornall, formerly known as Evelyn Frederick to Rachel Hicks, property at 511 East PIke Street. $182,500.

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