School board approves

Harrison County’s Board of Education voted unanimously to continue paying for school supplies at each of the schools for the upcoming school year.

The board began providing supplies about 13 years ago to help all families at the beginning of the school year when there are so many financial demands on the family budget.

“Not all school districts do this,” said board member Ruth Hatterick, who was serving as chairperson for the meeting. “We are fortunate that we are in a situation that can continue what was started years ago.”

The cost to the district will be $61,908, which is broken down to each school: each elementary and middle schools will receive a stipend based on a per student formula, to be used for supplies in lieu of supply lists — Eastside will receive $8,338, Northside, $6,292, Southside, $7,480, Westside, $7,216 and the middle school will receive $13,200. The high school will receive $19,382 to minimize the general fee which is not to exceed $75.

Ed Taylor, who was on the school board when it was first approved, made the motion for approval, which was seconded by the board’s newest member, Laura Norcross.

In other business

• Welcomed members of the FFA program whose requests for approval for field trips over the summer were approved. The trips were to the state FFA convention in June and the second was to FFA Camp in July. The board also acknowledged that Sophie Bowlin was named president for the Northern Kentucky region.

• Approved a memorandum of agreement with Greta Nichols for school-based mental health services.

• Approved a mental health services agreement with Mountain Comp Care.

• Agreed to purchase student accident health insurance. Taylor said that when student insurance first came on the radar it was for student athletes. However, the program has evolved in Harrison County to include every student.

“We insure every child, just like we feed every child,” Taylor said.

•Approved the 2023-24 band fees. The fee structure for the Harrison County Band has increased by $50 per student. Mary Grubb, financial officer, said the request for approval was being made early so that parents could spread payments out instead of having to pay a lump sum.

• Approved the Title IX allotment of $6,000 for the 2023-24 girl’s athletic teams. The funds are to be used to help with bus trips and equipment.

• Gave approval for the emergency non-certified substitute teacher program.

• Approved the salary schedule for next school year, which includes an added cross country elementary coach and an elementary drama coach.

• Approved a field trip for the Northside Elementary fifth grade students to go to the museum center in Cincinnati.

• Heard Steven Fowler, HCHS principal, present possibilities for a senior trip for the Class of 2024.

• Was presented the following personnel actions:

New Hire

Lindsey Doudna, HCMS math teacher for 2023/2024 school year; Jake Fowler, summer maintenance; Kelton Mattox, HCHS farm hand; Amy Oaks, HCHS assistant cheer coach for 2023-24 school year; Colton Sosbe, HCHS English teacher.

New Hire Subs

Jenna Berry, Sub instructional assistant; Addison Hoskins, sub teacher/sub instructional assistant; Mandy Marquez, sub cook/baker; Brooke Phelps, sub instructional assistant; Richard Daniel Simons, substitute teacher; Jenny Ward, substitute teacher; Tracy Watkins, substitute teacher; Leslie Williams, substitute driver

Extended/ Extra Duty

Josh Powers, HCMS band consultant; Amy Schreiber, HCHS assistant cheer coach; Deandrae White, substitute teacher


Jericha Walker, Central Office additional hours; Megan Welch, HCHS — transfer to volunteer assistant cheer coach


Florencia McIntosh, Westside cafeteria monitor; Kristen Northcutt, central office front desk secretary; Kate Sorebo, school psychologist


David Adams, HCHS science teacher/co-department chair; Myron Mahorney, bus driver; Tina McNay, bus driver; Robert Switzer, director of pupil personnel and director of facilities


Mary Spencer, rescind district substitute cook; Haylee Switzer, rescind substitute teacher


Scott Fields, HCHS assistant baseball coach.

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